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Productivity for Entrepreneurs Using the Google Apps Suite – Increase Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness

Why are most entrepreneurs working harder than they have before they became entrepreneurs, and why are most managers struggling with staff productivity? It comes down to training. The great myth is that just because you know how to talk and use a computer you know how to email, schedule and organize. But, the reality is that your inbox is never complete, you’re over worked, double or over booking, missing opportunities and don’t have any systems for managing your files. You may even wonder why the digital tools you have invested in fail time and time again. The truth is that you are missing the core training that super productive individuals have mastered. By mastering the core skills you set a foundation for success in your business operations that you dreamed of when you started your journey as an entrepreneur.

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CRM Services

CRM Best Practices Means – Choosing the Right CRM for Your Team, Development of SOPs and Training for the Team

Why do most companies fail at properly using their CRM or abandon using it altogether? Quite often the CRM is chosen in haste, and standard operating procedures aren’t developed fully if at all. You may have gotten excited to implement the CRM at first. It seemed like the right tool and that it was going to help you organize, track, delegate and lock down more opportunities. But, as in most cases you may have struggled with getting your team started. Or, you may be starting the process of selecting a CRM and have no idea which one is right for your business. And, if you’ve never heard of a CRM, you’re likely struggling with managing contacts and tracking your performance. The CRM is a much needed tool for most businesses and entrepreneurs, getting it right takes some experience. By teaming up with the right professionals to help you choose the right CRM, set it up correctly, transfer your current data into and train your team you can quickly see a return on your investment.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

As Businesses Intelligence Developers We Are Helping You Leverage Your Data for Automated Reporting, Graphical Views of Performance and Much More

You’ve heard the expression “work on your business not in your business” before. This is something that all business owners dream of accomplishing. What does working on your business mean to you? Does it mean that you can strategize more? Does it mean that you can get even more clear with your vision? If you want to get a clear vision on where you are going, you must know where you are. Chances are that you have some reporting, but much more of your business decisions are based on experience, intuition and educated guesses. Business Intelligence is all about leverage the data you already collect, adding collection to data you are missing, and reporting it in up to real time frequencies so you can make decisions with real data and really know where you are right now.

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Google Apps Services

Entrepreneurs Leveraging the Google Apps Suite for Streamlined Business Operations

You know there is a smart way to do business and there is a hard way to do business. You became an entrepreneur to avoid being tethered to a desk in a cubicle, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. You may already be using Google, are transitioning to Google or you might just be thinking about what Google Apps may have to offer you. While Google isn’t right for everyone entrepreneurs are turning to Google for some of the most affordable and powerful tools on the market.The myth that you can’t get by without Microsoft products is just that…a myth.

Anyone can setup a Google Apps account, but it takes effort and experience to get it running smoothly. You need experts with experience to make sure you are fully leverage the tools you have with the Google Apps Suite. Knowing what to pay attention to is half the battle. If you leverage the Google Apps Suite properly, get you and your staff trained to maximize it, and have support when you need it you can get your productivity to a whole new level.

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