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Digital Ninja Helps You Professionally Setup, Secure, Organize, Train & Support Your G-Suite.

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Imagine What Streamlined Daily Operations Can Do For Your Organization

Boost Productivity | Efficient Processes | Secured

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• Cloud-based tools mean you and your team can collaborate from anywhere.
• Seamlessly integrate your other productivity tools with G Suite.
• Access all of your files from any device – phone, tablet, or computer.
• No software download. Minimal administration. This saves you money.

Discover features beyond basic G Suite offerings.

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G Suite – Backup & Cyber Security

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Lost Data —- Feel Secure Knowing You’re Backed Up & Monitored!

  • Don’t lose sleep over hackers
  • Monitor 3rd Party Integrations for Risk
  • Monitor users for illegal or accidental deletion of files
  • Centralized dashboard for clear visibility of your team’s security
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G Suite – Upgraded Drive

Don’t lose files to theft or accidental deletion, and stay organized!

  • Centrally-managed, consistent folder structure that all users can access directly from their My Drive homepage
  • Enhanced security
  • Keep your documents safe by transferring the ownership of files to a corporate Google Drive account
  • Administrators control which users have permissions to delete documents
  • Documents are secure, and team members can easily collaborate

Password Management

Stop losing valuable time fumbling with passwords, and stay more secure!

  • Make sharing passwords safe
  • Organized password to prevent hunting or having to recover/reset
  • Assign permissions
  • Access from any device
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G Suite Email Encryption

Prevent theft of you and your client’s sensitive data with airtight encryption!

  • Secure sensitive data
  • Automatically force users to send secure when sensitive data is detected
  • Show your clients their data is safe with your company
  • Protect your brand’s reputation

Only you and the recipient have the key to decrypt.

Training & Support

Would your team benefit from training? Basic training in the tech you use daily can boost productivity and reduce loss. Do you have a team member/members whose daily routine is bogged down with password reset requests, browser issues, and other simple IT problems? Access to quick professional support when you need it, can reduce bottlenecks and improve employee moral.

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Turn your team into an army of Digital Ninjas!

Download your G-Suite self-audit checklist!

This self-audit can help you determine where you are in the setup process, and find opportunities for improvement.

This does not subscribe you to a newsletter or some other form of advertisement. This is simply to help you become a ninja.

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