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2 Steps To Better Security

Use 2 Step Authentication For Better Security
Written by Marty Bhatia

Do you use 2-Step Authentication to up your security game?

Do you know what 2-Step Authentication is? If not, then the link in this lesson will explain it thoroughly. The rest of this email is to explain why it should be important to you.

To be honest, I didn’t for a while. I just recently added it. I have been digging deeper into security as I’ve progressed in my career and business. With all the hacking going on, it seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m no security expert. I typically hire security experts for projects, to make sure that my client’s and my information is safe. But even with better security, it is likely that everyone will be hacked at some point.

Does being hacked mean the end of the world? Not typically, but it can be annoying at the very least, and can be financially devastating in the case of stolen identities.

So, first things first… Setup 2-step authentication.

As with all lessons, I brush up before I get started. After all, technology changes constantly. One of the benefits of teaching about technology like I do is that I have to get and stay current. So I’m constantly learning something new.

This time around I found an article that is so complete- video included- that I have decided to simply connect you to it directly! It’s an awesome lesson and I learned a lot.

Before you go, please know that there is a constant battle between “convenient” and “secure.” Make sure that your desire for total convenience doesn’t result in loss of important information.

I hear this all the time: “But there are already too many steps, I don’t want to add more to my already long list of tech stuff to manage.” Buck up, dude. What kind of a whirlwind of tech-mess do you think will happen when someone gets into your system? It’s worth these extra steps.

The reality is that you can handle it. It’s better for you.

And, just to hammer my point home, I’ve got two links for you from one of my favorite comics, Louis CK. One is bleeped and safe for work, and one is totally not safe for work.
Bleeped out and shorter



Geek Out!

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