Digital Strategy For The Modern Business

If you are looking to optimize your business with technology, Digital Ninja Consulting wants to be your digital strategy partner.

Core Practice Areas

Your Business Intelligence Partner

All business owners dream of a centralized place where all the most important information of the pulse of the business can be quickly analyzed and trusted.

  • Secure your data and check it’s integrity
  • Track valuable key performance indicators pulled from any data source all on a centralized dashboard
  • Cut hours of wasted time manually building reports

Digital Ninja can help you leverage your own data to gain the insights you need to get to your next level.


Your Google Apps Partner

You’ve selected to run your business with Google App for Business. It’s a great choice. If all you did was the basic setup, there are more questions to be answered.

  • But, are you setup correctly or completely?
  • Are your users trained to maximize the power of Google’s tools?
  • Are they supported when they are stuck?
  • Are you overpaying for your account?

Digital Ninja can help you and your team do more with less effort.


Your Freshbooks Partner

Are you still using Quickbooks for your accounting? There are other options out there that are a lot more feature rich.

  • Invoice faster
  • Track time better
  • Integrate more
  • Be mobile

Digital Ninja is honored to be one of the first Freshbooks partners. We can help you take your accounting into the modern age.

Digital Ninja can help you with many other tools and services.

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Digital Ninja Consulting Is The Partner
Your Team Is Missing

You’re not a typical entrepreneur

You are a modern entrepreneur who appreciates efficiency and productivity. You look to be the best at what you do, and in 2016 you know you need to leverage technology to compete.

One of your challenges is knowing where to invest your time, energy, and money. There are a lot of products and services to choose from. And, you know some are better than others – your struggle is knowing which ones are best for you.


If you are looking to optimize your business with technology, Digital Ninja Consulting wants to be there to help you.

We Can Help With

  • Google Apps for Business
  • Freshbooks & Xero
  • Pentaho & Tableau
  • Insightly, Highrise, Nutshell
  • Aweber & Mailchimp
  • Infusionsoft
  • Jotform, Zapier
  • and many more

The difference you are looking for

When it comes to selecting an IT consulting firm, there are a lot of options.. It can be hard to identify what makes one better than another, or which suits your business best.. You may be tired of feeling in the dark about your technology or you may not know how to articulate the challenges you are having.

Digital Ninja is about empowering the user. Your team needs real support and instruction. Your data needs to be secure. You need to be confident that your tech is making you more efficient instead of slowing you down.

Not only can we be your partner with Google Apps, Freshbooks and Business Intelligence, but we can also help you choose, implement and train your CRM, your project management tools, and your digital campaigning tools..

If we don’t know how to do something, we definitely know someone that does. You can count on us to be straightforward and trust that we have many skilled partners in almost all areas of technology.

Digital Ninja is about empowerment of the user.

If it’s a tool for day to day business operations, there is a good chance we’ve used it.

Business Owners Love Digital Ninja

I own a 10-person translation agency in Evanston.  About a year and half ago, a co-worker of mine met Marty at an industry networking event and suggested we meet invite him to talk to us about his services. I was initially a bit skeptical that there was anything he could do to help us – classic case of “you don’t know what you don’t know”. We were already using Google Apps, we already had a CRM – I thought we had a good handle on things.  Little did I know, there was so much more we could be doing – and doing better! – if we went about doing it smarter.

After an hour meeting with Marty and Lyubko, it became clear just how many ways Digital Ninja could help us, from finding a new CRM that would work better with our systems to training our staff on more efficient ways to use google apps to cleaning up our gmail accounts.  Marty’s a very engaging presenter, whether in person or in video, and he makes a potentially dry subject enjoyable – and even fun!  We brought them back a few months later to further streamline our work process by getting our disparate software systems to communicate with one another.  And they’re about to start working on a business intelligence dashboard so we can better understand our company’s performance.

I trust them with my sensitive business information and to make help make decisions that impact the future of my business. And not only do they do great work, but they’re great to work with.


Jill Bishop

Multilingual Connections