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Navigating An Entrepreneurial Identity Crisis

Are you feeling stuck?

In this post, I share a conversation that I have with many of my clients and one that I have more than once. It is a constant lesson I go back to every time I find myself feeling stuck. As a bonus, at the end I’ll share one of the greatest lessons of my life regarding your personal identity and your business. Be sure to stick around for that as it is an important part of the lesson.

I learned this lesson over time, but the impact of my “aha” moment came after the 2008/2009 economic apocalypse. I owned 3 companies in real estate development and construction…need I say more. Long story short, the collapse of those businesses was painful, but it served me well. 5 years into a new business, I’m more aligned with my personal purpose than I ever have been.

You’ll learn how the six steps to getting clarity. With this new clarity, you’ll measure the opportunities around you to find the ones that most align with your true desires. With practice, the path to your future will illuminate itself.

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And, as always…Geek Out!!!!

Marty – Founder of Digital Ninja Consulting

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