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Inbox Zero – Unread Messages Are Killing Your Productivity

Inbox Zero is the focus
Written by Marty Bhatia

Do You Dream of Inbox Zero?

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? Is the number of unread messages so high it’s daunting, annoying, or even embarrassing? Do you feel it is so high that you might just need a new email address? This is why you should consider focusing on achieving inbox zero.

One of my favorite things is to see a client experience a newly clean inbox.  Zero unread messages!

When we start it typically goes like this…

  • We open up a client’s laptop and sign in to their Gmail inbox.
  • The unread message number is over 2000.
  • Their head falls in shame and they cover their face.
  • They are embarrassed.

I smile and always tell them that 2000 is a lot to them, but they are not the worst I’ve seen … I’ve had a client with over 20,000 unread messages! Usually, their eyes get big, their jaw drops, and they assume that their inbox is different — theirs is a bigger problem and they get nervous that I am going to delete the messages they actually need!

I then explain that we are going to get to inbox zero with no lost messages, no missed follow-up, and in fact, everything that needs action will be organized, clearly marked, and ready for their attention. They usually look at me like it is going to take all day.

Then I explain we are going to get it done in 20-30 mins. They laugh in disbelief because they forget I am a ninja.

After our inevitable success, my client has a huge smile and nearly always expresses some type of relief.

The moral of the story is that a high unread message count weighs on you whether you realize it or not. It can be distracting. And it may even make it feel that you aren’t productive or that you are behind in your work. No matter how you look at it, unread messages sitting in your inbox are not serving you well.

It’s time to get it under control! It’s time to have a system to get to and maintain zero unread messages in your inbox, every day!

If this resonates with you at all, I have good news. I’ve made a free video course for you! I show you how to clear over 10,000 messages in your Gmail inbox inside of 30 mins. And, the techniques are easy. You’ll be able to do it daily and you’ll never have to see an awful inbox number again.

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